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Demographic Group
Demographic Group A group of people who are selected based on their fitting some set of human or geographical characteristics.

Demographic grouping of a sample is possible using all demographic measures reported, which include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Head of household race
  • Territory
  • Timezone
  • County size
  • Head of household occupation
  • Cable status
  • Viewing quintile
  • Household size and makeup

See also exposure group .

Reach for Sitcom by Income for Network B
Reach for Sitcom by Income for Network B

In the figure above, for example, we examine the reach for one week of prime time programming for Network B for all adults, and for adults by income. Over 30% of high income adults were reach by Network B prime time programming during the selected week, while only slightly over 25% of lower income adults were reached.

Reach for Drama by Income for Network B
Reach for Drama by Income for Network B

Now if we look at reach for Network B during prime time by county size, we can also see that there are significant differences in the audiences and their viewing patterns.

Reach for Drama by County Size for Network B
Reach for Drama by County Size for Network B

Similar demographically based analysis can be done for all other analysis tools, such as loyalty , co-viewing , audience flow , etc.

Using the Audience Watch System , the figures above required about 2 seconds of computing time to generate on a standard stand-alone MS Windows PC.

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