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· Audience Data
· Audience Distribution
· Audience Flow
· Audience Sample
    · Sample Analysis
    · Sample Details
    · Drill down
    · Unified Sample
· Audience Tracking
· Co-viewing
· Demographic Group
· Exposure Group
· Impressions
· Influence Index
· Optimization
    · Integrated
    · Transparent
    · Spot Optimization
    · Steps
· Program Environment
· Program Trends
    · Defection
    · Experience
    · Program Loyalty
    · Retention
· Quad Analysis
· Reach
    · Effective Reach
    · Incremental Reach
    · Network Reach
    · Incremental Net Reach
· Recall
· Recency Theory
· Response Index
· Roadblock
· Valuation
    · Audience Valuation
    · Efficiency Plot
    · Exposure Valuation
    · Audience Efficiency
· Viewing Quintile

We present here a glossary of broadcasting, advertising, and promotion terms associated with the Audience Watch System

A few of these terms may look familiar. Don't let this mislead you. This is not an introduction for those unacquainted with the broadcasting industry. It is a powerful new set of tools and techniques for understanding:

  • How people use the television,
  • What they like and don't like, and
  • How to be more efficient in reaching viewers with advertising and promotion messages.

Those who are already using the system describe it as "fabulous".

This glossary is full of examples from the system. See for yourself....

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