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Network Reach

Network Reach The unduplicated percentage of a population that is exposed at least one time to the portion of an advertising campaign that aired on a selected television network during some period of time.

It is computed by partitioning an advertising campaign by network and computing the reach for each network in the campaign.

The table below shows the network reach for a 8 week advertising campaign of a well known luxury car. It indicates that the adult 18-49 reach for the ads that aired on ABC alone was 6.2. No ads aired on CNN, so the network reach is undefined. Ads aired on ESPN2, but all those who viewed ads on that network also saw ads on other networks, so the network reach is zero.

Network Reach - Luxury Car
Network Network
People 18-49
ABC 6.2
CBS 9.1
Fox 19.1
NBC 30.8
PAX 1.9
United Paramount  
Warner Brothers  
A&E Cable Network 8.0
American Movie Classics  
Animal Planet, The 0.4
Black Entertainment TV 1.6
Bravo 0.4
CNBC 2.7
Cable News Network  
Cartoon Network  
Comedy Central 0.4
Country Music TV  
Court TV 1.1
Discovery Channel 5.3
Disney Channel, The  
E! Entertainment 1.0
ESPN 1.4
Family Channel, The 3.6
Fox News Channel, The 0.5
FX 1.3

The sum of all network reach values will always be greater than or equal to the reach for the entire campaign. For example, the sum of all the network reach values for those networks shown in the table above is about 95. The effective reach for this same advertising campaign is shown in the figure below. It shows that the total reach was only 69.2.

Figure 1 - Luxury Car Effective Reach Plot
Figure 1 - Luxury Car Effective Reach Plot

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