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Recency Theory
Recency theory refers to the belief that advertisements and promotions are most effective when they air immediately prior to the time of decision, and that the influence of ad exposure diminishes with time. Exposure to fast food ads, for example, is optimal when it occurs just before dinnertime, and exposure to movie ads is best just prior to the movie release.

This theory has two possible variations:

Theory Media Planning Strategy
Purchases occur continuously Reach as many consumers as possible in as many weeks as possible.
Purchases occur continuously, but some days of the week typically have more purchases than others. When optimizing a media plan:
  • Assign greater value to ads which air immediately preceding days of more frequent purchase.
  • Maintain recall based on the nature of the advertised product.

To account for these theories of recency when optimizing a media plan, one could include weighting for exposure valuation for the advertised product so that recall can be efficiently maintained in the minds of consumers. The ultimate objective is to influence the purchase decision without spending advertising money inefficiently.

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