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Response Index
Response index is a measure of how suitable a program is for advertising a particular product. Factors which influence the response index include:
  • Average level of program involvement. The various measures of loyalty , such as quad values, or experience, can be used for this.
  • Correlation between viewing of the program and frequency of product usage. MRI and Simmons data are good indicators of correlation.
  • Consistency of the program theme or subject material with the advertised product.

In other words, response index can be though of as the relative effect on an average viewer of an ad on one program compared to the effect on the same viewer of the same ad but aired on a different program. How much more or less effective is program A than program B in persuading an average viewer to use the advertised product?

Some factors are not considered in computing the response index because they are included in other elements of the optimization process. These include:

  • Audience size (ratings, share)
  • Audience demographics or demographic skew
  • Viewers per viewing household (VPVH)

See Integrated Method for a more detailed discussion of audience response.