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Sample Details

As shown in the table below, Audience Watch can display detailed information on members of the sample, together with their viewing logs.

Sample Details
Sample Details

This can be useful in understanding the characteristics and behavior of program audiences for programs when audience sizes are small. The table above lists all some of those people who watched at least two of four episodes of a 1:00 PM daytime drama that aired on Network B during the first week of 2001. It indicates that

  • Gender Almost all of the viewers were women
  • View Quintile Most were in the top (V5) viewing quintile
  • Educ The head of the household often is not college educated.
  • HH Ages Only a few have young children at home.

The right two columns show what these people were doing 2 hours later at 3:00 P.M. and 3:30 P.M. It shows that:

  • Most people who were watching Network B at 1:00 PM were, at 3:00 PM, either not watching television, or were watching Network B.
  • Only two viewers have changed to Network C.
  • Not one has changed to Network A or Network D (who are major competitors)
  • Network B has a small (only 43 people watched 4 or more quarter hours over four days) but loyal audience during weekday afternoons.

Using Audience Watch, the table above required about 5 seconds to select the exposure group , and 5 seconds to display the results.

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