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· Audience Sample
    · Sample Analysis
    · Sample Details
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    · Incremental Net Reach
· Recall
· Recency Theory
· Response Index
· Roadblock
· Valuation
    · Audience Valuation
    · Efficiency Plot
    · Exposure Valuation
    · Audience Efficiency
· Viewing Quintile
Television Audience Sample A collection of people who agree to have their television usage monitored by an audience research firm. Television rating and share values are computed based on data from the viewing logs of television audience sample households.

The audience sample used by Nielsen Media Research for monitoring television usage is currently composed of about 5,000 households and 15,000 people distributed throughout the United States.

The most popular prime time television programs may have several hundred sample members watching, while some cable programming during non-peak times may have very few or none of the sample members watching.

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